Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Weekend Part I

On Friday night, thanks to some eagle-eyed spotting and ticket-snagging by a party who was, alas, unable to make it to the performance, I saw The History of Who? with klepsydra and bhata.

Part of the Camden Fringe, a festival I had no idea existed, this was very much by the fans for the fans, and a lot of fun.

The lecture was presented by a flamboyant character known only as the Professor, helped by his bumbling assistant, Jonathan. The highlight was a rare missing early adventure, Doctor Who and the Terrorful Voice of Terror, which we were able to witness by means of some futuristic technology that beamed it DIRECTLY INTO OUR MINDS.

Everything was carefully kept on the lawful side of copyright - this very legality forming a running gag - which was just as well, given there was a bloke sitting in front of me with a BBC lanyard on.

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