Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Cross Wires

I am cross with Virgin Mobile today.

I'm cross anyway, because my very beloved Motorola PEBL is on the fritz, and although to me it still seems like My Shiny New Phone I have in fact had it for three and a half years, which is aeons in phone years, so it's time to replace it.

Virgin offer a reward scheme where you earn money towards a new phone when you top up.

I checked my account online a couple of weeks ago and it told me I had a tenner's worth of rewards (I am not a frequent topper-upper).

When I checked again after visiting the Virgin Media store on Oxford Street and communicating my desire to buy a new phone, the amount had mysteriously jumped up to £40.

It was £40 when I checked at work this morning prior to popping out at lunchtime and buying a new phone.

When the Virgin people looked it up on their own computer, it was £10.

When I got back to work and checked again, it was £10.

Am I going barmy? Am I a liar? Or are Virgin having some technical problem that involves dangling rewards in front of my nose and snatching them away again?

Eh, it's only £30, and a virtual £30 which was probably never rightfully mine in the first place. I will get over it and then I'll go and buy my new phone.

But really, I feel like marching back to the Media Store, stamping my foot, and saying "I have been a loyal Virgin customer since 2002! You have caused me distress! Give me a free phone! and also a pony!"

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