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Good Friday: rest of the weekend wasn't bad either

Friday was the last day of the nice weather. Went for a walk from Greenwich to Blackheath and discovered a funfair on the way. I dearly love fairs, particularly dodgems, old-fashioned roundabouts with England's Finest Golden Galloping Horses, and ferris wheels that play the Eagles' greatest hits, so I was hugely delighted and wondered whether Owen had known in advance and led me that way as a surprise, but he's not that devious. Or that organised. Or that nice.

Saturday we ordered a brand-new bed. Those who know that I have been kipping on a mattress on the floor for over two years will share my joy at the prospect of bouncy springs and a bed that has not been sweated in by previous tenants for several decades. Also furmeet, at which I had the pleasure of meeting simbani on his flying visit - have a safe trip home, y'hear?

Sunday and today have mostly been spent in packing hell. I calculate I'll need another five boxes for books alone, and five or six more for other stuff. Then it's on to binbags. I have tried to stick to a system of parcel taping up my boxes once full and writing the contents on the side in black marker, but carrying it out would mean a lot of boxes labelled 'Stuff', 'Gubbins', 'Misc' and in all honesty 'Complete Junk'. It also means labelling at least one box 'Pokémon Figures and Lion King Happy Meal Toys', and I'm not about to let my new neighbours see me carrying that in from the van.

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