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A Fête Worse Than Death

On Saturday morning I happened upon a fête at Lee Green. I followed the sign for 'BOOKS, CAKES' (two of my favourite things), and pounced on a detective novel by James Hadley Chase.

I wish it still had a dust jacket. That must have been an incredible piece of artwork.

And here is the first line of the novel, which was later retitled The Doll's Bad News:
Fenner opened one eye as Paula Dolan put some elegant curves and her fluffy head round his office door.
A couple of pages on, he's threatening to spank her and she's claiming she'd trade him any time for 'a bad smell and a lead nickel'.

(It was three books for a pound, and another of my three was actually a slipcase containing four Penguin J. D. Ballards!)
Tags: books, terrible books
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