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Had my eyes tested at lunchtime, something I always dread slightly in case I am told that I'm going blind. Not all that likely, but believe me I worry about far more improbable things than that.

Quite the opposite happened, though: it turns out my eyesight is actually getting gradually better. It's been getting worse for twenty years, so if this trend continues I could be normal by middle age - just in time to start getting long-sighted instead. The optician even told me that my eyes were changing so little there was no point having them tested every year and I should do it every two years, which is rather like an insurance saleman telling you your home looks pretty secure and you're unlikely to drop dead any time soon.

It always surprises me how many opticians, and even their receptionists, wear glasses. It's not as if all surgeons have had their appendixes out or all dentists have bad teeth.

I am -9.75 in my right eye and -7.50 in my left.

I do take a perverse pride in being more short-sighted than anyone I've ever met with the exception of the registered blind.

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