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Swimming with Shepherds

I spent a relaxing weekend in Havant with le_loup_peint, raja_laba_laba and their dog Tala.

Of course 'relaxing' is a relative term, and when a two-year-old German Shepherd is part of the equation it doesn't mean spending all weekend lazing around.

The highlight of the trip was taking Tala to the doggy pool for a swim.

I can't resist swimming-pools, even canine ones, so I'd brought my costume and got into the water with my poochy pal. Being a shepherd, she spent the session trying to round me up. Being a meanie, I spent it splashing her with water, tricking her out of her football, and pretending to drown. We were both very well-exercised by the time the half hour was up.

There were also bubbles in the garden. Tala goes crazy for bubbles, and we spent a happy evening blowing them for her delight and ours, not to mention the neighbours' children's. She leaps right off the ground in her pursuit of the transparent invaders, baring her fangs and snapping mouthfuls of soap.

It's exhausting, this relaxation! But I feel better for it.
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