Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Gatwick's Other Terminal

A fondness for bikes often goes hand in hand with an interest in aircraft, and there are quite a few airminded types on the X9 Forum.

Thus, yesterday, eight of us had a pleasant rideout along country lanes from the biker caff at Box Hill to the Gatwick aviation museum, via pub lunch at the Spitfire-themed Flight Tavern to the sound of easyJet and British Airways takeoffs from the runway beyond.

The museum is the kind of volunteer-run, donation-funded place that's filled with miscellaneous Stuff, including several hundred model aeroplanes donated by the maker's widow, a roomful of engines, and memorabilia from Caledonian Airways.

Outside, a dozen or so Cold War-era military aircraft are enjoying a peaceful retirement of slow disintegration.

Wall of instruments:

External exhibits:

Some of the planes looked rather sad:

Others, like this Sea Hawk, had been lovingly restored:

To me, the Fairey Gannet's fishlike ugliness has a certain charm:

The big attraction is this Shackleton. If you're nice to the museum staff, you can go inside:

And pretend to fly it:
Tags: planes, scooters
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