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Coldblooded Reviewing

You might get the impression from these posts of mine that I don't actually like Doctor Who very much.

You couldn't be more wrong. It is my deep adoration of programme and character that makes me care about the niggles, and it's the niggles I post about because they make more interesting blogging than 'yay, Silurians'!

Perhaps I should redress the balance, however, with a thing I'm enjoying about this series: the way the Doctor treats Amy like a child.

I don't mean he patronises her - he mostly doesn't - but in Venice he popped a sweetie into her mouth and last night he kissed her on the forehead.

It's not only a rather sweet relationship, it gives a good sense of how much older and more intelligent the Doctor is than his human companions. Really, we are as primitive to him as we are to the Silurians, but he sees our potential and doesn't think of us as vermin to be exterminated.

Now that's said, here are this week's niggles.

1. Amy getting the weapon snatched off her in the abortive rescue bid was a bit wet. I was hoping that what she thought was a gun would turn out to be a Silurian sewing-machine or Walkman or something, and the reptile warrior would enjoy a hearty laugh as she tried to fire it.

2. I wish the Doctor hadn't said 'Squeaky bum time'. What a horrible, vulgar expression!

The real problem here is that I don't want to believe Time Lords have bums, at least not ones that squeak.

Nor, for that matter, genitalia.

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