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Cushion Cover

I remember buying this tapestry kit from eBay in 2004. I finished it last year, and a couple of wet weekends ago I finally achieved my ultimate aim of making it up into a cushion cover; surely the longest-running project I have actually completed.

I looked at a lot of allegedly easy online instructions for cushion covers and they all made my head hurt, so eventually I decided just to sew a square of fabric to the back of the design. I did get all fancy at the end and add a zip.

One 69p IRMA cushion from IKEA and my work was done.

(I would like to point out that I don't own a sewing-machine, nor would I know how to use one if I did, so this is all literally my handiwork.)

callmemadam, I believe we had some sort of agreement whereby you now have to finish your tapestry cushion cover?
Tags: cross stitch
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