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I'm Him And You Are Her

Having missed it on Friday night, I caught up with Ashes to Ashes yesterday evening.

There was several things for me to like in this episode, including the appearance on the soundtrack of The Cure's 'The Love Cats', one of my favourite songs.

The best moment, though, was Gene's comparison of himself and Alex to Sapphire and Steel.

At the time I merely chuckled and thought "Dream on, Gene!"; Philip Glenister may be an unlikely figure of h0tne55 to certain women who are not me, but he ain't no David McCallum.

Then I realised: this was actually a BIG FAT CLUE! Sapphire and Steel, you see, are agents - sort of police, if you will - who go around fixing temporal anomalies, and if Alex's presence in the 1980s isn't one of those I don't know what is.

And the stars everyone's seeing? Remember the end of Assignment 6? (Major spoilers if you haven't seen it.)

I'm hopeful that Joanna Lumley will show up for the finale and sort everything out.

Or maybe it's the BBC's way of telling us that nobody is going to understand the ending.
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