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Alice's Adventures in the IMAX

I went to see Alice in Wonderland last night with yagfox, and it was excellent.

I mention this as a public service, since I wasn't sure I'd like it and wouldn't have got round to going if somebody else hadn't organised something. So if you're hesitating, go! Go swiftly, before it vanishes from our screens!

I'm not sure I recommend seeing it in IMAX 3D, mind. The technology is still a bit blurry round the edges and I found a whole movie of it (as opposed to selected scenes) a bit much.

In this telling, an older Alice escapes a world of corsets and unwelcome marriage proposals when she is summoned back to Underland (or 'Wonderland', as she mistakenly called it in her childhood) by the White Rabbit to slay the Jabberwock on the Frabjous Day and defeat the Red Queen, as foretold.

I was expecting quite a dark film; in fact it was downright cuddly in places, particularly when the Cheshire Cat or Bayard the bloodhound ("They've got my wife and pups!") were involved. Since it was a Tim Burton endeavour the scenery was beautiful and fanciful, and there were some nice touches like the rocking-horseflies from Through the Looking-Glass.

I was also expecting to be deeply irritated by both Johnny Depp's Hatter and Matt Lucas's Tweedledee and Tweedledum, when in fact they were all rather sympathetic (though I'm not sure about the Hatter as love interest).

The Red Queen was very Blackadder II, and there was something a bit sinister about the White Queen too; I was rather surprised that the end battle was such a clear-cut good versus evil scenario.

I knew not to expect a retelling of the books, but I was disappointed by a few missing characters: I would have liked to have seen the Walrus and the Carpenter, the Lion and the Unicorn, and my especial favourite the White Knight. Stupid Mad Hatter and March Hare always grab the limelight.

Minor niggle: everyone kept referring to the monster as the 'Jabberwocky', when surely that's the title of the poem and the beast itself is called the Jabberwock?

Whatever its name, it was brilliantly scary, and probably closest of all the characters to the original illustrations (though it wasn't wearing a waistcoat).

Oh, and "If it ain't Alice, it ain't dead!" is my new personal motto.

(It's a bit disconcerting watching a film where all the chararacters constantly shout your name.)
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