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Well Met

On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting a long-time LJ friend in the flesh.

ggreig hails from Scotland, but has been down in London this week, and we arranged to meet in Kingston for lunch.

After Thai food with friends of Gavin's (including his six-year-old godson, who was a big Dr Who fan and excellent entertainment value), we wandered off on our own to drink frappuccinos in the sun and discuss everything from biplanes to university education.

It's always nice to put a face to the username (or a body to the face, if you already know the face from an avatar), and forever afterwards to hear your friend's posts in their real voice.

It was even worth my brush with Kingston's one-way system, which at one point had me heading blithely up a road signed 'bus, taxi and cycle only'.

Once again I've been very lucky with my offline meetings. Who's next, I wonder?

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