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Playboy and the Slime God

I'm glad I didn't watch BBC2's Big Read. I happened to wander past while a housemate was tuned in and caught this snippet:
'45 percent of men list sci-fi as their favourite reading matter. Surprisingly, so do 25 percent of women.'

Huh? What the hell is so surprising about that? Science fiction isn't all about heroic silver-clad blokes killing BEMs these days, and even if it was I imagine the occasional woman might enjoy such tales.

Or is the female brain so feeble that it can't grasp something as hideously futuristic and complicated as the Three Laws of Robotics?

Granted, there aren't too many convincing female characters in science fiction (stand up, Tricia McMillan). There aren't too many female characters full stop. But women aren't obliged to read only books with women in, any more than children should have to read only books about other children.

Some women have even written science fiction (does the name Frankenstein ring any bells?), even though much of it is published by The Women's Press and a bit peculiar.

Apparently the BBC were too busy making Blake's 7 to notice all this.
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