Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden


As part of my constant quest for new breakfast delights, last night I bought some Grape Nuts.

I'd never had them, I liked the retro packaging, and the back of the packet promised they would stay crunchy in milk (I hate soggy cereal). What could go wrong?

The taste, as it turned out. I won't say they're the most horrible thing I've ever eaten, but they are certainly one of the most horrible things I've ever eaten for breakfast.

Breakfast, for me, is a difficult meal to mess up, consisting as it does of my two favourite ingredients: grain and sugar. Yet Grape Nuts have managed it.

The pack holds 450g and a serving size is 45g. That means I have nine more bowls of this stuff to munch. I hate waste, but I'm not sure I can manage it.

I've been looking up Grape Nut recipes in the hope of getting through the box that way. Will they taste any better transformed into bacon crunch bars? Stay tuned!

Grape Nuts have been around since 1897. Why are people still eating them? Is there some secret that I'm missing? Should I, perhaps, be pouring sugar on them?
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