Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Private Investigations

I spent Saturday at Bromley Adult Education College, attending a one-day Mystery Writing course.

There were thirteen attendees, which would be a good start for Murder On The Mystery Writing Course, three of whom were men (I believe this is quite high for a creative writing class). Some wanted to deconstruct their favourite reading, others to pen a hardboiled thriller and make £££s, while one funny, well-spoken woman was a regular on murder mystery weekends and wanted to up her chances of picking the correct suspect and winning prizes.

My expectations weren't entirely met: it was perhaps foolish of the course tutor to promise she'd 'turn me into the next Raymond Chandler', even if her stab at my favourite crime-fiction author was uncannily accurate.

What I was hoping for, I suppose, was some sort of crime-writing matrix, a magic formula which would enable me to construct the perfect crime and resolution if I only followed it from A-Z.

I did leave with twice as many characters and twice as much plot as I came with, even if much of the 'plot' is notes reading '[INSERT CLUE HERE]'.

It's possible that I don't have the right sort of brain for writing mysteries and I should go instead for the thriller genre, where you just throw in an explosion whenever things look like they might be starting to make some kind of sense...
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