Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden


I had an unexpected bonus theatre trip last night, thanks to a kind tip-off that there were £5 tickets available for two days only.

spindlemere and I had been entertaining vague plans to see Nation since before Christmas, but hadn't sorted anything out. Galvanised by this offer, however, we organised ourselves in under 24 hours.

Dave had read the book; I hadn't; I think we both enjoyed ourselves. There were a few moments that made me cringe and look away, namely a woman giving birth and a man biting a chunk out of another man's shoulder.

I knew the basic premise was boy survivor meets girl survivor from a different culture on an island; they learn mutual respect and to speak each other's language. As it turned out there was much more going on than that, and I was impressed by the many layers of plot. The scenery was good, too, and there were some clever fly-by-wire 'swimming' sequences behind screens. Plus a comic-relief swearing parrot. I think more theatrical performances should have one of those.

Having seen the Lion King musical, I wasn't all that wowed by the native dancing. Nation's warthog, however, is far scarier than Pumbaa.

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