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Something for the weekend

One rule: Justify your answers. Don't just pick your favourite x, pick an x that suits your personality and explain why it does.

an animal?
Some kind of terrier. Small, bright, boundless energy.

a vehicle?
A red '60s Vespa covered in badges, chrome and tiger tails. Goodness, I think I've found the perfect metaphor for my personality.

a song?
Punky's Dilemma by Paul Simon: nobody knows what the heck I'm about, but I'm odd, funny and hummable.

a fruit/vegetable?
A kiwi fruit: small and fuzzy.

a sitcom character?
Agent 99 OK, OK, I will abide by my own rules. Frasier Crane, because he's vastly intelligent yet completely incapable of dealing with real life, and basically good-hearted despite getting into towering rages over the slightest thing.

a city?
Seattle: full of coffee.

a character from Shakespeare?
I must be Viola from Twelfth Night, because people keep mistaking me for a boy.

a kitchen utensil?
A cheese grater, because you always find me hanging around pasta. Yes, yes, and I'm usually pretty cheesy too.

A variant on this game would be to leave the answers blank and get your friends to fill in something appropriate. So if anyone has any better suggestions than the ones I've come up with for myself, shoot. Feel free to add further questions too.

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