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Infinite Reading List

I made a resolution this year to clear my To-Read shelf. (This isn't an entirely accurate representation: there are some items on the Goodreads list that aren't on the physical To-Read shelf in my bedroom, and vice versa.)

Once cleared, I was going to treat myself to some books from my Amazon wishlist - books I have consciously decided I want to read, rather than picked up in a charity shop because it was 50p and the cover amused me. Obviously there's no point forking out for new books when I don't have time to read the plentiful volumes already lying around at home.

The pile spent most of 2009 stable at about 15 books, but by last week my diligence and hard reading had got it down to single figures.

Last night I went to miss_newham's for delicious dinner and delightful conversation. Jo and her housemates have a shelf in the hall for books they no longer require which they encourage visitors to take away with them, and now I'm back up to thirteen.


But lovely books!

But damn!

(Actually it's only twelve, because I started reading The Tin Men straight away. That's a bit better.)
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