Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

New Light of Tomorrow

Obviously it was the name that first attracted me to Finnish band Husky Rescue. But I do like their music too, hence I was delighted to see them live last night in the company of budlite.

This was no mere gig but the launch party for their third album - which was, in fact, exactly like a gig but a bit shorter and cheaper. This suited me fine.

They were supported by the very twee Beacons and their dazzling array of weird instruments: a glockenspiel, an autoharp and what budlite informed me was a melodica.

I'm going to sound like some kind of strange tank top fetishist, but I spent a lot of the evening admiring first the example worn by one of the Beacons, which had trees on, then the black-and-white dogtooth sported by one of the Husky Rescuers.

Husky Rescue were all tall and long-haired and ethereal and foreign-looking, except for the keyboardist who looked like an off-duty IT consultant. Speaking in a language not their own gave extra lilting whimsy to everything they said, e.g. "This next song is called 'Beautiful My Monster', because we shouldn't be afraid of monsters, they are our friends!"

Nice gig, nice venue (the Wilmington Arms, which also provided a quality chicken pie before the show), home in 35 minutes. I'll be buying that new album.
Tags: gigs

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