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2009 Culture Roundup

So, in 2009, I went to six plays, six films and eight gigs. I read 62 books, plus some I didn't record (re-reads, and kidlit I perused in Foyles during my lunchbreak).

I'd estimated my book consumption at roughly one a week, so that's no surprise, but I'm put out to discover that in an average two months I only manage one film, one play and one-and-a-bit gigs.

Some of my favourite books this year: the new ones from Douglas Coupland and Nick Hornby, natch; Finnish coming-of-age novel Popular Music; south Londony The Room of Lost Things; office-based saga Then We Came To The End (which I have lent to someone and not got back, alas); The Philosopher and the Wolf.

My favourite film of 2009 was Bolt, and I can't pick a favourite theatrical outing. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour or Hairspray, I think. I loved seeing Bob Dylan, but my most enjoyable gig overall was probably Dar Williams, scoring high on content, venue and company. And Arlo Guthrie was just far out.

One film and one gig are already scheduled for January. Wonder what else is in store?

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