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Festive Paws

I have seldom been so glad to see rain as I was on the 23rd, as it washed the remaining slush and ice off my road and enabled me to get my bike out and thus actually get home to my mum's for Christmas.

And receive presents!

Look at the beautiful fingerless glove/handwarmer thingies callmemadam knitted for me! See how they totally match my outfit! They will be the envy of my colleagues when I wear them to ward off draughts from the wobbly windows at work.

Also received and gloated over:
  • Taking Woodstock, the book
  • The complete Sapphire & Steel
  • The Children's Writers' and Artists' Yearbook 2010
  • A shopping bag crafted by my auntie with cats all over
  • Allied Ace Pilots for the DS
  • Chocolate!
  • A tin Vespa plaque/perpetual calendar
  • A Vespa mug

And today we had tree presents. These are small gifts of the stocking-filler type which go on the tree, are opened after tea on Boxing Day and somewhat soften the blow of Christmas being over. When I was little they were from Father Christmas, but some years ago we gave up pretending because it was nice to thank each other for them.

Here's a tree present I gave my mum (it's a magnet I cross-stitched):


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