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"...and then Dr Who helped Mary put the baby back in the manger..."

When I was small, Christmas proper began on Christmas Eve afternoon when I attended the Crib Service at Wimborne Minster. I'd see all my little pals, sing carols, then home for Yule log and the last episode of that year's Chronicles of Narnia. So I was delighted when my bessie mate mentioned that she would be taking her goddaughter this year and I was welcome to join them.

Many things remain the same: the wailing babies, the coughing infants, the procession of children around the church, Away In A Manger, the placing of Baby Jesus in the crib. The principal difference this year was the nativity play with added Who.

Yes. Really. In church.

The plot was as follows: the Doctor (a sort of Everydoc played by a quite silver-foxish member of the church in a long coat and scarf) finds a lost lamb behind the TARDIS and goes in search of its shepherd. Along the way he meets a man and a pregnant woman on a donkey and feels a mysterious compulsion to stand up for them against the innkeeper.

The lost lamb snuggles up to Mary, leading to the line "Thank you, Doctor, and thanks to your fluffy little friend - he certainly kept me nice and warm!" and much snorting from my pew.

The narrator started off referring to our hero as 'Doctor Who', but someone must have whispered to him during the first hymn because when he kicked off again after While Shepherds Watched he quite correctly said 'the Doctor' for most of the rest of the performance.

At the end of the tale, the Doctor realised that he himself, wandering space and time, was as much in need of a shepherd as the lamb he had returned to its owners. Luckily Mary promised him that when her very special son grew up, he would be a shepherd to everyone in the universe.

"So it was that Dr Who, the Last of the Time Lords, came to know Jesus, the Lord of Lords."

And with that thought, merry Christmas to all my LJ chums!

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