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Testing time again

Manouvre. Suficient. Necesary. Write the correct spelling in the box next to the word.
Denial = force refusal texture loan. Circle the definition that comes nearest.
Yep, I've been signing up with agencies again. This time one that happened to come across my CV on totaljobs - I know that's the whole idea of job sites, but it's still quite disturbing when it actually happens.

This particular company is obviously highly reputable, finding itself in a tiny hot office above a tanning studio. (They did have a 1.4 kg jar of humbugs in the waiting-room, though.) I handed over my CV on disk, pathetically asked if I could have the disk back afterwards, and was given the standard questionnaire to fill in.

I have done so much of this kind of thing lately that I know my National Insurance number off by heart. Whizzed through the Personal Details after the usual Miss/Ms dilemma, spent a couple of seconds wondering whether to put my MS Word skills down as Intermediate or Advanced, then on to the little tests on the back. Spelling, badabing. Grammar, badaboom. What's this at the bottom?
7057 x ____ = 77627
Blink. Maths may not be my strong point (why wasn't there a Latin section?), but I still felt these posers were in a slightly different league to the wordgame selection. I solved the first one with much working-out scribbled on the paper, but got stuck on the final long division.

Then I saw the calculator.

Yes. It was a test designed to see if you could press the right buttons on a simple handheld computer. Tchah! What kind of idiot do they think I am?

One who does sums on her fingers while being stared in the face by a calculator, obviously.

[NB Answers to the above test questions, offered seriously or facetiously, will not be appreciated.]

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