Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

  • Mood:

Grumpy Youngish Women

Sainsbury's turned me prematurely into an Old Person last night by rearranging and changing all their stock yet again. I must have lost ten minutes from what remains of my life looking confusedly for stuff that wasn't in the usual place, or indeed there at all.

  • Why are the frozen prawns now diametrically opposite to where they used to be, at entirely the other end and side of the frozen food aisle?
  • Why have they stopped stocking the breakfast cereal I had arbitrarily decided I fancied (Quaker Oat Krunchies)?
  • Oh come on, Sainsbury's, don't make me find a member of staff and ask where you've hidden the sanitary towels, you know I hate that!

Then my Bag allegedly For Life broke on the way home.

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