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GP800, One Year On

I've had my Gilera GP800 for a year now (and paid a quarter of it off). In that time I've covered 17,000 miles, a thousand of them within 24 hours, and visited France, Belgium and Germany (and, briefly, the Netherlands). That's mostly leisure miles, too, since I rarely use it for commuting.

There are times when I feel I'm still not used to all that power, not to mention the enormous effort it takes to push the thing in and out of parking-spaces. But lately I've felt very comfortable on the bike, enjoying the way it handles corners and the effortless acceleration that makes overtaking a breeze. Sitting on the motorway in the dark, wet and cold, I feel safe and protected, as though my bike will look after me.

Here we are on Melbury Hill, Dorset, yesterday:

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