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It's Pronounced 'Airheart'

I had the pleasure of wardy's company last weekend, as he battled down south thro' wind and rain to join me for a showing of Amelia, the Amelia Earhart biopic, at the Greenwich Odeon. (Other highlights of the visit included a trip to Bluewater for shopping and gingerbread lattes.)

I'd taken the precaution of booking seats, for which service Wardy kindly bought me an ice cream, but I needn't have bothered: on the day after release, at 7:40 on a Saturday evening, the tiny screen hosting the film was half-empty.

As was the film, really: beautiful landscapes and sets (more than enough plane porn to keep me grinning) but light on plot. The trailers promised The True Story; for once, I rather wish they'd made it all up instead.

Hilary Swank was a convincing Amelia and very watchable, though she spent her frequent solo scenes acting with her teeth. Christopher Eccleston played a mad bastard very well, as usual (this time he was the brilliant-navigator-with-a-drink-problem). And I enjoyed Richard Gere's performance right up until he exposed his aging saggy man-boobs in full widescreen Technicolor, which detracted greatly from his otherwise silvery foxiness.
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