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Because The Rabbits Had Nothing To Eat

On Friday night I went to see Peggy Seeger, just one of many famous folky Seegers, at Blackheath Halls.

I was less interested in the support, Norma Waterson, Mike Waterson and Martin Carthy, but my mum subsequently informed me that Carthy is only one of the most influential names on the British folk scene. The gruff Northern songs about trawlermen and working on the docks were very different to the American folk I'm more familiar with - and a protest song about his grandson not being allowed to play football on the cricket pitch was very sweet.

At 74, Peggy is upright, charismatic and enormous fun. She led us in a men vs. women call and response song, 'Buffalo Boy', and laughed at our bemusement when she taught us the chorus of this one without telling us what it was about.

She did one song which turned out to be an extended fart gag, and two in succession which were almost too much for me: one for her brother Mike, who died in August, and one for her mother.

After the last song she made her exit down the aisle, through an audience risen to its feet, holding hands with everyone she passed. I was very glad that my companion had turned down my offer of the end seat, for I got to touch the hand that had been playing banjo and autoharp for our delight.

The best thing about Blackheath Halls, though? It's twelve minutes' drive from my place. More gigs south of the river, please!
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