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Round Britain Rallied

The closing date for the Round Britain Rally, in which participants are challenged to find and photograph one or more landmarks for every county in England, Wales and Scotland, has passed and I have dispatched a CD of photos to the committee.

This means that I can actually reveal the places I visited! At last!

Google Map here. Green bikes are ones I've ticked off, red blobs I didn't manage. There's obviously room for improvement (I missed Portsmouth, for shame!); another year, I'll plan a trip to Scotland.

Total number of landmarks: 90
Landmarks I visited: 42
Visited on my own: 24
Visited with others: 18
First landmark: Heaven's Gate, Wiltshire, April 10th
Last landmark: Barograph monument, Bluntisham, Cambridgeshire, October 25th
Nearest: Pooh Sticks bridge, Ashdown Forest, East Sussex (<30 miles from home)
Furthest: Fisherman memorial, Newlyn, Cornwall (>300 miles from home)
Nicest weather: Berkshire and Buckinghamshire
Worst weather: Buckenham windmill, Norfolk
Easiest to find: Welland Viaduct, Harringworth, Northamptonshire (it's big!)
Hardest to find: The Cantlin Stone and the Botfield Cross, Kerry Ridgeway, Shropshire
Coolest: Vulcan 607, RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire

You can find all my rally posts by searching under the 'round britain rally' tag, if you so wish.

Was it worth it? Totally. I explored country roads I wouldn't otherwise have encountered, visited obscure monuments and quirky landmarks, and met up with friends old and new. I saw modern sculptures and mediaeval stones. I fixed a puncture at the roadside. I was never at a loss for somewhere to go when I had a free weekend.

Will I enter again? You bet. Will it be next year? Not sure yet. Perhaps I'll find a different challenge for 2010.

Heaven's Gate, Wiltshire

St Michael de Rupe Church, Brent Tor, Devon

St Andrew sculpture, Capel St Andrew, Suffolk

Death in the Snow memorial, Rainow, Cheshire

Elisegs Pilar, Denbighshire

Airmail post box, Windsor, Berkshire

Coldharbour Mill, Uffculme, Devon

Rye House Gatehouse, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Arte et Labore, Darwen, Lancashire

Welland Viaduct, Harringworth, Northamptonshire

Vulcan 607, RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire
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