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Finally Went To Specsavers

The glasses I bought off the internet a year ago have been a bit of a failure, frankly. The arms curve outwards, making them awkward under a motorcycle helmet (and sometimes outright painful); they've lost a couple of screws and opticians will either refuse to fix them because they don't sell that model or try and fail because the arms are held on in some weird proprietary way.

I don't think buying internet glasses is a bad idea in principle, just that on this occasion I chose my glasses unwisely.

Thus, today I found myself having my eyes tested at the Tottenham Court Road Specsavers, having sacked my last three opticians for, variously, incompetence, rudeness and inappropriate touching.

I'd never tried Specsavers before, despite their awesome Thunderbirds ad, because they've never had any frames I fancied, but on this occasion I found some I liked. They sent me a text and a voicemail yesterday evening to remind me of the appointment; I'm still not sure whether to be impressed or annoyed by this.

The test and subsequent sorting out of new glasses took a long time, but everyone I dealt with was polite and friendly. (There was one test I hadn't undergone before, in which the optician 'estimated my prescription' by making me look down a tunnel at a picture of a hot-air balloon; why estimate my prescription when you're, I hope, about to test my eyes thoroughly? Plus she photographed each of my eyes with such a bright flash I was seeing a ghostly Venn diagram for the next five minutes.)

Specsavers have a Clear Price policy whereby the cost of lenses is included in the ticket you see on the frame, starting from just £25. Unfortunately this only applies to the standard plain-vanilla lens; if, like me, your eyesight is so abysmal that you need the ultrathin kind to avoid seeing the world through something you could set fire to the Roman fleet at Syracuse with, it'll still be over a hundred quid on top. Plus another fifty for 'Reactions' peril- photosensitive lenses. Plus again, the free second pair is only free with standard lenses, so they will be a spare for emergencies and karate rather than a viable everyday alternative.

Still, for something I wear every day it's not a bad deal. And at least the NHS gives me £13.70 towards it thanks to my 'complex prescription'.

As always, I am super-excited about my prospective rebranding and can't wait to get my hands on the new specs.
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