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I'm G-B-A-S-P, I'm G-B-A-S-P

Answerphone message yesterday from the Lewisham branch of Game for 'Alky' Dryden, informing me that I could pick up my Game Boy Advance SP today. Luckily I'm on a course which started at 10, so I could be on Game's doorstep at five to nine and clutching my new console, plus Tomb Raider Advance, shortly afterwards.

I haven't had the beastie out of its box yet, but the one in the shop looked very nice. For once in my life, I am at the forefront of gaming technology! I'm disgustingly excited.

I'm also typing this from, who are teaching me Macromedia Fireworks MX. It's a one-to-one, which I wasn't expecting; I actually have to concentrate all the time, and have someone peeking over my shoulder while I try to design rollovers. But I am impressed by the quality of teaching, and by the constant supply of food from the vast fridge; peanut-butter and strawberry sandwich anyone?

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