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Tuer N'est Pas Jouer

The trouble with pottering about on eBay is you discover things you didn't know existed, and suddenly you need them.

I was idly searching living daylights when I happened across this rather glorious brooch:

Ways in which it is glorious, in case you can't tell:
  • the Bond's utter lack of resemblance to Timothy Dalton
  • the blonde's utter lack of resemblance to a human being, let alone a sexy lady, let alone Maryam d'Abo. The hip! The legs! WTF?
  • the French title! I had no idea it was called 'Tuer N'est Pas Jouer' in French! That practically rhymes - did France not get the memo about the campy Roger Moore era being over?

What shall I wear it with?
Tags: james bond

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