Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Round Britain Rally: Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire

With just a week to go before the closing date, I wanted to mop up a last couple of landmarks. Sunday's X9 Forum ride to Bletchley would put me near the Bedfordshire landmark, while a detour would allow me to pick up Cambridgeshire on my way home too. So I left the X9ers after lunch and set off.

I had been anticipating a lengthy tour of Milton Keynes and its many delightful roundabouts, but to my surprise I found the right road quickly and the two villages I'd noted as being on the way to my destination were clearly signed. Google Maps had told me it would take 43 minutes; I was smug about arriving in half an hour.

I spotted my landmark and parked with no problems, then opened my top box to discover that I hadn't brought my control card - the A4 sheet with the 2009 Rally logo that has to appear in all my photos. I'd grabbed my folder of Rally gubbins without checking it still contained that vital component.

I did have the photocopied list of landmarks, so I included that in my picture to prove I had indeed visited as part of the 2009 rally. Then I had to decide whether or not to continue into Cambridgeshire, seeing as my landmarks for the day would probably be disqualified.

Well, why not? A brief shower had passed over and it was a pleasant day much more suited to pottering along back roads than hopping on the boring A14.

The most direct route between the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire landmarks was along unclassified country roads - the sort of journey sat navs excel at while I, relying on my shaky sense of direction, usually fail dismally. Today was no exception and I soon found myself heading for Bedford, having taken the wrong direction entirely.

Once pointing the right way again I began to enjoy the B roads and country villages, the nice long straights and beautiful autumn colours. A police motorcyclist came the other way and I nodded enthusiastically, receiving a cheery wave in return.

I found my Cambridgeshire village and took my last Rally photo. Then, rather than double back, I took a different B road down towards the A14 and M11. I was led past a canal and through a landscape of flat fields with an occasional church spire sticking up, and round the outskirts of Cambridge. Then the fields were replaced by industrial estates and building sites, and soon I was on dual carriageway and heading for home.

Time to put all my rally pictures on a CD and send them off for the final reckoning. My last two photos may not count officially, but at least I know I was there.
Tags: bikes, round britain rally
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