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40,000 Stars

R.E.M. sent me an email the other day - or at least their publicity machine did - inviting me to submit my dream setlist to the R.E.M. channel at for a chance to win 'an ultra-exclusive piece of signed artwork'.

This is the gig I would like R.E.M. to come and perform in my living-room for me and a few close friends. A mellow, acoustic event, heavy on my favourite albums and ending with an encore of my four all-time most-loved songs. Hey, I can dream.

  1. Begin The Begin [Lifes Rich Pageant]
  2. Losing My Religion [Out of Time]
  3. Leaving New York [Around The Sun]
  4. How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us [New Adventures in Hi-Fi]
  5. Texarkana [Out of Time]
  6. All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) [Reveal]
  7. Maps and Legends [Fables of the Reconstruction]
  8. Sing For The Submarine [Accelerate]
  9. Wolves, Lower [Chronic Town]
  10. The One I Love (Live) [Document]
  11. Everybody Hurts [Automatic for the People]
  12. Swan Swan H [Lifes Rich Pageant]
  13. Aftermath [Around The Sun]
  14. We Walk [Murmur]
  15. Nightswimming [Automatic for the People]

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