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Point & Click Adventures

I've had a break from gerbils for a few months, as I was away a lot over the summer and it didn't seem fair to commit to them. But autumn is here, home is alluring, and I was missing those little rustling and nibbling noises from the corner of the living-room more than I can say. So on Saturday calgor kindly gave me a lift to RSPCA Medway and I brought home Point and Click.



Point surveys his new kingdom (that wicker thing is more than half-destroyed now).

Aren't they pretty? They're Siamese, a colour I'd never seen in the flesh before. The RSPCA think they're about six months old; they're still quite small and jumpy.

It's easier than it looks to tell them apart: Point is slightly smaller and darker, sleeps more but is more manic when he's awake, loves the wheel, and seems to be top dog. Click has more white on his feet and is more laid-back, but thinks my hand is a chew toy. He has slightly wrecked a perfectly serviceable top by shredding my sleeve; I just sat there and watched him do it because he looked so cute, forgetting how much damage they can do in just a couple of seconds.

Every time I get gerbils I think that these will be the ones I train and tame with love and patience so they'll jump willingly into my hand when I want to get them out and pet them. We shall see.
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