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Laying out my winter clothes and wishing I was gone

Those of you who have followed my various domestic upheavals will be delighted to know that addedentry and I went out at the weekend and found ourselves a flat. Or you might be disappointed that the amusing anecdotes of maggots in the sink and late-nite drumm solo marathons will cease. Which would be a very selfish way to look at it.

It is newer, shinier and less full of housemates than our current place, has a balcony, and should also be a much pleasanter crash pad for anyone who might wish to stay over, as well as easier to reach by public transport (two minutes from Lewisham overground/DLR). Too late for wardy next weekend, alas, but maybe next time.

You might ask what the housemates will do. If so, you are more compassionate than I. I imagine they will die horribly of mutated viral strains they have encouraged to breed by never emptying the bins, washing up properly or buying toilet paper.

In practical terms, what happens is that Owen and I have to find replacements for ourselves or lose our deposit. This could prove problematic; Mark's on-off Slovakian girlfriend has been approached and has stated "Marrrrrk, I love you very much but I will not live in that house." This from someone who grew up in the Eastern Bloc.

God, my life will be so much better when I have somewhere nice to live. I will get done the things I want to do. I will stress less. I will whinge less. I will gain self-esteem and become better-looking. Cool people will want to be my friend.

Sorry? What do you mean 'material possessions can't bring you inner happiness'? Well, it can't hurt to try.

Moving day is set for April 26th, so:

Poll #116641 Will you come to the housewarming party?


Sure! And I'll bring a bottle.
Isn't it a bit risky to throw a party in a shiny new flat?
It's a long way to Lewisham. Can I just send you a really nice present?
Only if I don't have a much cooler function to attend, which is frankly unlikely.
Not if it means meeting your weird furry friends.
Not if it means meeting your weird non-furry friends.

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