Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Normandy 5: Le Jardin de Monet

Claude Monet's house and garden at Giverny was an unusual destination to pick, given that neither Howard nor I have any particular interest in Monet, Impressionism in general, Art in even more general, or indeed gardens. But it was a reasonable distance away for an outing, and took us in the opposite direction to previous explorations. In fact we went right off Michelin Local Map 303 and had to resort to the big France road atlas.

When roadworks prevented us from taking the exit we wanted from the dual carriageway, we looped around and crossed the Seine. In one of those moments that make bike trips so lovely, we pulled into a parking area on top of a hill to look back down at the wide river and the countryside beyond - a view we would have missed if we'd gone the 'right' way.

Then it was down to the village, a beautiful tourist trap whose cheapest option for lunch was a £4 sandwich.

I enjoyed Monet's house, which is prettily painted and features, rather than the artist's own work, his collection of Japanese etchings. The garden gave me an excellent opportunity to try out the 'Flower' mode on my new camera, which seems to be working nicely (see above).

Although it was mid-September, the garden was still packed with brightly-coloured flowers: dahlias, autumn crocuses, nasturtiums and many others that callmemadam would have identified and examined minutely, while we simply wandered past admiring the overall effect.

I know little of Monet but can recognise the poppy field and the waterlilies, and it was wonderful to see how much his garden resembled his paintings.

Here, for example, is a shot I took of the pond and the bridge. A quick Photoshop filter and tweak of the hue and saturation, and voilà (as the man himself would undoubtedly have said): instant Impressionism!

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