Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Round Britain Rally: Kent

On Sunday I met my friend Bill from the Modern Vespa forum for a greasy breakfast at the Oakdene. Afterwards, since I was on the A20 anyway, it made sense to follow it down to Dover and pick up the Kent landmark.

This was harder than it sounds due to the A20's tendency to vanish whenever it hits a town, since who would want to use an A road when there's a perfectly good motorway available? Between Ashford and Folkstone I mislaid it entirely and made an unscheduled detour up the B2068 towards Canterbury, which was very pretty but not what I had intended.

I stopped at a common, where a friendly woman whose hair was identical to that of her black cocker spaniel pointed me in the right direction. Soon I was back on track for that last lovely section before Dover, where the road climbs until the sudden reveal of cliffs and sea, then sweeps you down towards it.

The last time I passed this way I was riding 1000 miles in 24 hours, and in fact on that occasion I travelled on a parallel road within a few yards of the landmark I was after. A pity I couldn't pick it up then and save myself the journey - on the other hand, it was two in the morning.

I went home on the A2, climbing out of Dover past the signs reminding me to links fahren, and the M2, possibly my favourite motorway as it's so dinky and non-threatening. There are three more landmarks I'd like to bag before the deadline at the end of October, and not many free weekends in which to bag them...
Tags: bikes, round britain rally

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