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Furry Bureau of Investigation

"One for G-Force please. Hi, I'm thirty-one. And I have no friends."

I said it so the girl at the desk wouldn't have to think it. She laughed.

G-Force is a film about guinea pig secret agents. Of course I was going to see it.

It's a live-action film with CGI guinea pigs. Some of the actors are surprising - both those appearing in the flesh (Bill Nihy!?) and those in fur (Penelope Cruz?!).

The plot is fairly slight: the FBI's guinea pig project will be shut down if the tiny agents can't prove themselves in the field. To do this they need to believe in themselves and realise that you can be exceptional even if your origins are humble.

There are no hankies-out scenes on a par with Bolt, but there were many moments of aww! for me. These are super-cute super guinea pigs. Somebody in the animation department has taken time and care to study and capture the funny way their bottoms wiggle as they walk, and the adorable weebling noise they make (when they've been separated from the communication devices that let them talk to humans).

This being Disney, there's a scene in which the vulgar, flatulent character apparently dies and everyone recants all the nasty things they've previously said about him, only to have him revive and recommence being annoying. It pissed me off when Baloo did it, it pissed me off when Trusty did it, and frankly I always wish they'd stay dead and the rest of the cast would dance on their graves.

I was thoroughly entertained both by the guinea pig action (including a thrilling car/exercise ball chase) and by Parental Bonuses and Shout Outs aplenty. Some of these are surprisingly close to the bone: when Darwin, the leader of the troupe, has to take down a rogue cappuccino machine, he shouts "Yippie-ki-yay, coffeemaker!", which had me helpless with laughter in a cinema full of silent under-tens.

And it's still all slightly more convincing than Moonraker.
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