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Round Britain Rally: Northamptonshire

Every year at about this time, one of the X9 Forum members, Laurie, organises a ride in the Stamford area. We meet at a filling station on the A1, ride to Rutland Water for a picnic then potter around some country lanes, perhaps checking out a site or two of scenic or historic interest, before heading back to Laurie's for tea and sandwiches.

Last year we stopped for a photo opportunity at what turned out to be one of this year's rally landmarks, so I dropped Laurie a line and asked if we could go there again.

At three-quarters of a mile long (thanks, Wikipedia!), this is by far the largest landmark I've found. My instructions didn't specify a particular bit of it, so I hope the location we picked will suffice. I hope it's OK to have several other bikes in the picture, too.

The road where we stopped had a steep camber and crumbly edges, and disaster struck one of our number when his Burgman toppled over as he and his wife were dismounting. I felt rather guilty, as it was by my request that we were stopping there at all, but there was a soft, grassy verge and no permanent harm was done.

The weather was kind apart from a few drops of rain as we paused for some ornithology at Eyebrook Reservoir, the roads were lovely and the little villages of yellowy stone were charming. Of all the landmarks I've gained so far, this one featured the most roundabout route and the most convivial company.
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