Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

A Fiery Ring

Goodreads is supported by advertising, much of which seems to be for terrible, terrible vanity-published-looking books. Take, for example, this blurb for Pollen and the Ring of Harmony:

Pollen is a visitor from the far reaches of space, and his mission is to save the Earth from human destruction with the power of his mysterious, living ring...But as stories of the ring's amazing abilities spread, the ambitious vice president decides the ring belongs in his hands.

I'm not sure when 'ring' joined the pantheon of perfectly innocent words, like 'come' and 'do', that make me snigger like a thirteen-year-old schoolboy, but I suspect Frank Zappa's cover of Ring of Fire had something to do with it.

(And how many novels of yours are available on amazon, o huskyteer, and what gives you the right to sneer at published authors? Tut.)

Tags: books, terrible books

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