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I'm being followed by a Blue Arrow

Just had a call from the Temping Agency From Hell, a.k.a. Blue Arrow. They informed me proudly that my P45 was in the post. Which is nice, a month after I left their service - and a week and a half after my P45 arrived from the agency I worked for after Blue Arrow.

Also: "If things don't work out for you where you are now, you know where we are - you can always come back to us."

I thanked them politely rather than spluttering with laughter down the phone then hanging up, cos I'm nice like that. But honestly. I wouldn't come back to Blue Arrow if they were recruiting for the space programme, Head Keeper of Wolves at London Zoo or features writers for the Guardian. I wouldn't come back to Blue Arrow if they were the last temping agency on Earth.

Hold me to that.

[A P45 is a form to do with income tax, for those abroad or still classed as students for job purposes. Don't worry about it. I generally don't.]

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