Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Round Britain Rally: Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire

I decided to utilise my journey Up North on Friday afternoon to bag a few landmarks. The first of these, in Hertfordshire, was just off the A10 and made easier by brown tourist signs that led me round the town and through an industrial estate. I stopped in the empty car park, took a very satisfactory photo of bike-plus-landmark, and rewarded myself with coffee from my Thermos and a Lidl hazelnut wafer thing. One down!

I set off for Lincoln next, for a landmark I was particularly anxious to cross off. Churches, ancient monuments and plaques are all very well, but hold little personal interest for me. The same cannot be said of a bloody big aeroplane. (If you know what I'm talking about, kindly hold your piece to keep me within the rules!)

Having come this far, it seemed silly not to push a little further up the country for the second Lincolnshire landmark. I found my way along little country roads, another brown sign with the symbol for a prehistoric monument pointing me down the correct path. I was underwhelmed by the landmark itself, but no matter - it was mine. And I'd had excitement enough with my large aircraft.

My final destination for the day was Leeds, and rather than backtracking along the A15 I decided to give the Humber Bridge a go.

I hadn't experienced the bridge before, and was awed when I saw it in the distance. I'm going over that? It's huge! My nerves weren't helped by an information sign flashing 'HIGH WINDS', and once on the bridge I found myself fighting to keep in a straight line. As far as I know nobody has ever actually been blown over on a motorbike, let alone lifted up in the air and flung off a bridge, but you always feel it's a possibility.

When I was able to take a look around me, however, the views across the water were well worth it. I didn't even mind forking over £1.20, though I've grown accustomed to toll bridges being free for motorcycles. From here it was an easy journey to my B&B, though filled with apprehension about the next day's riding...
Tags: bikes, round britain rally

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