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Catsitters' Club

I am temporarily resident in Bounds Green, catsitting for a colleague while he holidays in Majorca with his family. I'm greatly enjoying having the run of a four-bedroom house, a cupboard full of exciting kiddie breakfast cereals (the luxury of choice between Coco Pops Moons & Stars, Ricicles and Golden Nuggets!) and of course the cat, Jasper, who is massive, tabby and placid with a tiny nose.

I was filled in on his habits by his people before they went away: he likes to have company while he eats his dinner, then he goes out to inspect his territory, then he comes in and leans against you while you watch TV. If you are particularly favoured he'll roll over to reveal his soft underbelly.

Every evening I come in to find him waiting inside the front door with a selection of hungry mews lined up ready; I'm choosing to believe that he hears the front gate open, rather than assuming the position from mid-afternoon.

He does tend to jump on the bed at five in the morning, but when he realises that no breakfast will be forthcoming at that hour he curls up behind my knees in a very cute way.

It makes me sadder than I can say that my dysfunctionally busy lifestyle and non-ownership of my home currently prevents me from having one or more mogs of my own. Perhaps when I retire.
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