Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Round Britain Rally: Buckinghamshire and Berkshire

Saturday was a glorious day, and my mesh summer kit got its first outing of the year. I filtered past the queues on the A21 and hit the M25 with R.E.M. on the iPod Shuffle and the breeze like a cold shower against my skin.

I left the motorway at the M40 junction and took A roads through Beaconsfield. It was a straightforward route and I found my landmark on the second pass - it was rather overgrown, and sitting back from the road in the shadows.

The convenience of a landmark right at the side of a main road was offset by the inconvenience of taking a photo without getting run over, but I managed it and made it to the outskirts of Windsor only a couple of minutes late for my meeting with scooter forum chum Big Ears.

I had suggested we meet for a cuppa when I came by to collect the Berkshire landmark, and he promptly offered a personal escort to the spot. This turned out to be highly necessary: without a native guide, I might still be circling Windsor's one-way system. Instead, I was led to within inches of my target, and then we had an ice cream. Another successful mission!
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