Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Round Britain Rally: Flintshire, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Shropshire

There was still time to pick up more landmarks on the return journey from Heswall on Bank Holiday Monday. At the first of these, not far from Chester, I had to wait my turn to take my photo - for the very first time, I'd run into someone else doing the Rally! We chatted for a while about where we'd been and where we had yet to go, then set off in different directions for our respective next targets.

The second port of call was the landmark near Wrexham I had wimped out of pursuing on Friday. As it turned out, it was trivially easy to spot ('trivially' there being a hilarious Latin pun, since the landmark was situated at a crossroads)

Next we went tantalisingly close to the Horseshoe Pass, but with too many miles to cover to enjoy its delights. As I stopped to consult a tourist information board, a helpful hiker asked what I was looking for and pointed out my landmark, sticking up most obviously in the middle of a nearby field.

Having mopped up three landmarks in a couple of hours, we stopped for a service station cheese sandwich in high spirits.

Things went slightly off-track in the afternoon. Our landmark was near the town of Clun, reached by unclassifieds and B-roads, but I wasn't sure exactly where. Plus it was raining. I asked a friendly local and was directed down a very lovely B-road back into Wales. The car park was exactly where he had described, but it was the wrong car park for my landmark. We backtracked to a different parking spot, negotiated some horrific potholey gravel which nearly had me off, then gamely walked half a mile uphill. After all this fuss, we were jolly well going to find what we had come for.

It looked for a while as if we were going to return empty-handed, as the trail we were following seemed bereft of landmarks. Then Howard detoured into a muddy field full of sheep, and there it was, hidden away behind the trees!

Returning to the car park, I made sure to take a photo of my bike next to a signpost, proving as per the rules that I had actually ridden to the spot. Then we headed for Severn services by the sat-nav's alleged most direct route.

All this left me the wrong side of the Severn Bridge at 7PM, which made for a later arrival home than I'd envisaged. But at least I wrung the very last drops out of my Bank Holiday weekend.
Tags: bikes, round britain rally

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