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Round Britain Rally: Cheshire, Derbyshire, Barnsley, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside

I've noticed in my research that there are four landmarks clustered round the Peak District National Park, which looks like a pretty nice day's riding to me. We leave the motorway and almost immediately find ourselves on steep and winding country roads with a view of hills, lakes and sheep. Stopping at junctions on slopes makes me nervous, since if the ground is less than level my feet won't touch it, but we make it to our first landmark without mishap. Another contestant has obviously passed this way, because I notice a dropped earplug on the ground.

As soon as I stop and park dozens of cars and bicycles appear on the quiet, narrow road, but miraculously the way clears for me to turn my scooter round, which in a road of this breadth I can only achieve with a three-point turn.

Today's route fortuitously takes us along both the Cat and Fiddle and the Snake Pass, which must have been a deliberate move by the rally organiser. Landmark 2 for the day is situated behind a pub, and we reach it just in time for a refreshing glass of something - the day is sunny and almost too hot off the bike, but lovely on it.

I bless the sat-nav again as we are taken to a crossroads in the middle of nowhere, without the benefit of signs. Two of the roads are farm tracks, and there's no sign of our landmark on the one we've come up...wait, what's this, set back from the road and almost covered by bushes? I'm so excited by this success that I step in a cowpat.

It feels like teatime. We make a detour along yet another lovely road, miles of straight followed by downhill swoops, for a couple of hours in the splendid company of sloopjonb (eheu!), C. and Mia-dog.

There are still several hours of light left, and we hop on the motorway to bagsy the Lancashire landmark, which is in the middle of a roundabout just off one of the junctions. We find our quarry without any problems, then I spend ten minutes setting up my photo. I must confess, I don't have the kind of mind that's good at working out where my bike and I need to be for the perfect shot with everything in it.

The last landmark of the day is in Formby-by-Sea, and if we'd reached it any later my photo would have been too dark to use. We hightail it out of the badlands through the Mersey Tunnel, and test Howard's theory that any journey from one point on the Wirral to another takes exactly twenty minutes.

We're a few minutes under.
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