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Last night I attended a talk at Brands Hatch, courtesy of the Kent Advanced Motorcycling Group.

The speaker was Lois Pryce, who in 2003 jacked in her boring desk job at the BBC and set off to ride a 225cc motorcycle from the northern tip of Alaska to the most southerly point of Argentina, along the Pan-American Highway. When she returned she wrote it all down as Lois on the Loose, available from Amazon and all good booksellers.

Lois was a fun, bubbly speaker who managed to come across as a very normal, one-of-us sort of person. Hearing her describe her adventures and her reactions to them, it was very easy to imagine yourself in her up a London office in favour of riding bikes and writing about it afterwards...

Of course, I don't own a houseboat on the Thames which I could rent out to help cover the cost of my travels. But, but. There must be a way.

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