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Cager of the Day

So I'm on my way home from work on my dinky Vespa ET4, riding defensively and keeping pace with the flow of traffic, when the driver behind (whom I've already pegged as driving aggressively and switching lanes a lot) beeps me.

We pull up next to each other at the lights - there are two lanes - and I hear a shout of "Are you f***ing stupid?"

I assume she's talking to her equally charming companion, but no, she means ME!

"Why are you driving in the middle of the road? You're on a little scooter - you should drive over to the side!"

I start to explain the principles of Advanced Driving, but before I can finish the lights are changing and she's shot off on amber.

I keep a respectful distance behind her over Waterloo Bridge, then inevitably filter past in the queue outside Waterloo Station.

As I go by, she throws her cigarette at me.

Normally I rise above road rage, but on this occasion I fear I raised a middle finger as I cruised past. I hope the cyclist behind me didn't think it was aimed at him.

Ah, sod it. I'm off to France in the morning - where they treat bikers properly.
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