Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Round Britain Rally: Cornwall and Devon

There are two landmarks to be found in Cornwall and three in Devon, and we were in full Gotta Catch 'Em All mode.

Easter Sunday started off greyish and uninviting, yet we were out of the house at 8:30 and heading determinedly towards the far end of Cornwall. The sun came out for a petrol and KitKat stop around Okehampton, and shortly afterwards we began to hit holiday traffic. This flowed fairly freely, though, with filtering and overtaking opportunities through the worst bits, and we were in Pemzance in time for an early lunch at a pub conveniently situated a hundred metres or so from the landmark we had come to snap.

For the next stage, meandering back east, we had a choice of returning along the mostly dual carriageway A30 by which we had come or some smaller and more winding A roads. We picked the latter and congratulated ourselves as we parted company from the heaviest traffic and entered some nice swooping bits.

The roads got smaller and we found our next landmark at the side of a single-track lane, overlooking a view of fields and hills. We waited for a couple who were trying to persuade their dog to pose for a photo before we took ours; the scooter was slightly more obedient.

Onward into Devon, and the sat-nav's claimed fastest route took us across country through dusty, hedge-lined lanes. The next Mystery Landmark was at the top of a hill, and although I managed to take an aesthetically-pleasing photo containing my bike, the control card, the landmark and a sign with the landmark's name on it, we climbed up to take a couple of pictures at the top too. Good job we'd brought a Thermos and some biscuits.

We dog-legged north towards Ilfracombe, alongside gorges that reminded me of rides in France and Spain, and found our landmark down a footpath. This one, for the record, I would never have found without Howard's GPS technology, and I hope the sites I have to seek by myself will be easier. Turning back inland for our final objective, we climbed upwards beside a glittering sea.

The sat-nav claimed that the last landmark was up a cul-de-sac next to a service area. Disbelieving it, we pushed on into the town and were rewarded by an enormous sign which left us in no doubt that we'd found the right spot.

The last of the landmarks, the last of the coffee, the last of the evening light. Time to head home. The roads got larger as the sun went down, until we were Dorchester-bound in darkness on the A26, arriving back at the ranch 13 hours and 400 miles after we left it.
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