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Round Britain Rally: Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset

I've entered for the 2009 Round Britain Rally, in which contestants are invited to visit landmarks from a checklist between April and October, the landmarks scoring points according to their remoteness and ease of location. To prove you were there you need to take a photo of your bike at the landmark, displaying the rally control card.

An excuse to visit different parts of the country I might not otherwise have dropped by, while taking pictures of my scooter. What could be better?

I was hoping to blog about my adventures, but according to the rules of the competition I cannot reveal what any of the landmarks were until after the closing date, so I have to be cryptic and nonspecific about it. That means you lot are spared fifty photographs of the GP800 next to a bunch of monuments, so be grateful.

My collecting got off to a good start over the Easter weekend, when I had the benefit of Howard's company and also his sat-nav. We met at Stockbridge on Good Friday and set off through the drizzle to landmark the first, in Wiltshire.

This was slightly off the beaten track and it wasn't possible to ride up to it. So, going by the rules, we walked up to the Landmark of Mystery, took a photo of it and the control card, then photographed my bike next to a nearby road sign to prove I had ridden there.

We got a bit wet doing all this. But it was scenic.

Next to be crossed off were the Dorset and Somerset landmarks, one of which was smack bang in front of somebody's house. They're going to get terribly fed up with bikers over the next six months.
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